[Tig] TIG Researching numbers of telecines and scanners from the beginning of the Rank Cintel era

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Rank Cintel Telecine numbers

Pure “Educated Guess”

Around 1000 MKIIIs of all versions  from original MKIII Jumpscan to MKIIIC EnhancedDigiscan 4:2:2  
(35 MKIII Jumpscans in 1 year went to Nigeria!)
Of course several MKIIIs in the USAwere converted to Turbo Telecines.
Around 40 ADS -1 and 2 Cintel Line Array CCD scanner, thefirst to use an IR channel to detect and conceal scratches !
MKIII ED, 2 were built for UK Sky TV
MKIIIHD, around 8 were built, all went to the USA
Around 360 Ursas all versions Ursa,Gold, Diamond etc
About 5 Klone 2K Line array CCD. Pin registered scanners
Around 70 C Reality HD / Data  telecines
Around 20 DSX Scanners, 4K units based on C Reality.
About 35 Ditto CCD Area Array Data scanners.
I have no idea how many MKII or Photoconductive telecinesCintel were made.
There were as well a few Rascal and Casllisto telecinesbased on HD modified MKIIIs. 

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