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Chris Barnett chrismicrofilm at me.com
Fri Jul 24 23:41:03 BST 2015

Hi TIGers

I'm a TIG stalker who hasn't posted before but followed for a while. I hope this is ok to post here - my apologies if not.

I'm asking for a favour really but could be something for your personal / professional archive too.

I really need and would be very appreciative of well seasoned colourist to interview for my MA dissertation. It would mainly be audio with video cutaways of where you are working if possible. I'd be happy to talk to colourists who work with both film or digital - or who have in the past. It shouldn't take much more than an hour of your time. I have been attempting to contact colourists for a while and am running a little short of time, so an interview in early August would be fantastic but I would be grateful of any available time.

I have some examples of what the project would look like, the interviews are examples of the type of content and the shots of me on the resolve are examples of what it may look like. Although I'm hoping for a slightly different look and feel with more in depth questions.


If anyone would be interested or knows anyone that could help, please drop me a line and I'll fill in the gaps and make the arrangements..

You will notice from my spelling of colour that I'm UK based so South / West preferred but will consider traveling anywhere in UK or further if you live somewhere nice ;)

Thank you for listening 




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