[Tig] IR pollution on Alexa shot material

Paul Byrne folo43 at mac.com
Fri Jun 26 21:43:41 BST 2015

Hi Rogerio,

I had this problem before on a music video only on two shots. Working on Davinci resolve I used the rgb mixer to rebalance the picture and was able to match them to the other shots.


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> Hello
>     Trying to come up with a solution for this major issue in a feature
> that I'm corrently grading. Due to use of ND filter, a lot of material
> presented major color shift ( blacks, and some blacks only, fabric and some
> clothing) are getting this purple eggplant grapeish color that I'm unable
> to remove on primary. On secondary and carefully selecting the clothe
> affected, I do get some correction, but quality is no good to me. The
> material is on 444 .mov from alexa, so no .ari to try to fiddle with color
> temp,  tint., etc... Does anyone have a recomendation for me? IF.. and only
> if... it was shot raw do you think some thing could be done?
> Thanks all for any input
> -
> Rogério Moraes
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