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>> "Joey D'Anna" <joeydanna at gmail.com> sez...
>> Bell labs had an amazing history. They are probably the single most important research organization ever formed.

>Yes to the first part, but I must give first place it to Edison @ Menlo Park. 
>- he used patents and the press in a way that was unknown at the time.

Well...I will certainly give him credit for being at the forefront of thieving
American Industrialists, using his wealth, his lawyers, and the patent office
to outright steal any idea he found interesting. Big time monopolist, too,
although that wasn't really on the radar yet.

This sort of thing was rampant, at least in the U.S., from the end of the 19th
century through the beginning of the 20th. The concept pretty much went into
hibernation for several decades until the Internet hit its stride and the
first big stock market bubble inflated, at which point it came roaring back.

The U.S. patent office has gotten much, much worse since, being both
understaffed and overwhelmed by patent trolls and thieves with enormous legal

But Edison was one of the BIG pioneers in the area of IP theft, one of the
first to see the enormous profit potential of many endeavors.


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