[Tig] "That Viral Dress

peter_swinson at compuserve.com peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Tue Mar 3 12:56:39 GMT 2015

I have seldom heard so much rubbish in the press; radio, TVand print; expounded by so called experts, doctors and professors of visualthis that and the other, on this subject. The answer is very simple. Somemodern phone or computer app has automatically tried to rebalance the originalphoto based on looking at the dress highlight and assuming it should be white.Of course in doing so it has both lifted the image levels to very much lightenthe blue areas and also the dark grey (black) areas to a light gray, and hasalso nulled out the blue to appear near white, that has of course removed bluefrom the original neutral gray area causing it to turn yellow (-blue).
Easy to reproduce in photoshop. Just load up the originalblue / black image, select level adjustment, using color picker (white one)click on lightest part of the blue, the right hand lapel, and hey presto awhite and “gold” dress.
Why oh why do the media get these so called experts who sayit is some form of variation in our visual perception, and who then give atotally erroneous explanation using the drawings of cube outlines, where we seethe perspective change from from face to rear face or the “illusion” drawing ofa duck head and bill that on rotation becomes a rabbit. These are spatialinterpretations and have NOTHIING to do with  color interpretation, completely differentparts of the visual cortex are involved!!!!
I guess all the hype is due to the modern generation havingtechnology at their fingertips that they neither understand, nor realisecontains apps or whatever that have limitations in their accuracy of automation.

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