[Tig] Any Northlight 1 users out there?

Perry Paolantonio perry at gammaraydigital.com
Fri May 22 13:48:12 BST 2015

We just picked up a used Northlight 1, and I've got some questions about configuring it.

Right now I'm unclear on how the system is supposed to be wired to the host PC - neither the manual or preinstall guide go through this in any detail. 

There are two cables connecting the scanner to the host: Cat5 for serial control and the large 68 pin data cable. There's only one RJ45 port on the back of the linux host, so logically, I plugged this into our network switch, and then plugged the northlight into the switch as well (how else would the PC have networking otherwise?).

However, when running the northlight application, I get an error that it couldn't establish serial communications with the scanner. So I'm guessing the issue is either the way I've got this hooked up, or it's with the configuration on the PC side. 

Communication Error: Serial Read Timed Out
ebl ready: Unable to check scanner status
ERROR: Failed <scan_init>!

I get the same error when I plug the scanner directly into the host PC, bypassing the switch.

Any suggestions?



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