[Tig] Grading 16mm

Chris Barnett chrismicrofilm at me.com
Thu Nov 12 12:57:26 GMT 2015

Hi all, 

I have some 16mm dpx scans from a shoot, currently this is the only information I have about the footage. It's a few shots from a mostly digital short film.

I'm grading the film but I've never graded film scans before.

They look pretty flat so I'm presuming it's log  (Cineon?) but how else do I set up resolve!!!??

What colour space should I be using? Does it matter? Do I need to know the printer lights? As well as being flat it looks pretty dark too and is fairly noisy already.

Any advice / help / ideas gratefully received??




Chris Barnett 
Offline / DIT / Colour Grading

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