[Tig] Preventing banding artifacts

Rogério Moraes rogermamo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 02:54:44 BST 2015

Hello all

 I'm trying to come up with solutions for this. I'm seeing a lot of banding
artifacts on y when on air. Although we always output 10 bit prores minimum
to all of our jobs, there's no way to forsee how that is going to be
treated by the channel or network I think they all broadcast to 8 bit? Is
that a plague with TVs or computer screens?. Frustating enough, we master
thngs to be pristine only to see the all too familiar blooming onion on
air. I try to minimize this by adding a very fine grain but it has
 drawback, mostly because adding this to all jobs seems impractical.. Is
there a definitive or another solution for this? Any ideias?
Thanks for the input

Rogério Moraes

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