[Tig] Film "Brooklyn" from John Crowley, Windmill Lane

Rob Lingelbach roblingelbach at icloud.com
Mon Dec 12 22:29:23 GMT 2016

I saw last night, via a 1080p output on a well-calibrated system, the 2015 film “Brooklyn” from Director John Crowley, with significant work done via Windmill Lane.  Colorist Asa Shoul.

Every aspect of this movie is brilliant to me, not least the cinematography, direction, and color.  It’s rare for me to have such an experience and lasting impression of such art; should there be recommendations from TIGers of other films of this realm (perhaps via Windmill Lane and Asa Shoul) I’d be most interested in hearing of them.

What a great production this must been to be involved in.  Heartiest congratulations to Asa Shoul and all the folks at Windmill Lane (and happy to hear of this facility’s continued existence; I had known a long time ago of its reputation).

(there is 1 minuscule casting/acting complaint I have that I was able mostly to ignore)

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