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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Thu Dec 22 18:50:45 GMT 2016

>I have an ethical question for the group. It has come to my attention that the owner of a small facility where I graded movies and other content on a freelance basis continues to showcase my work on his website. We had a mutual parting of ways one year ago.
>Is it ethical to showcase the work of an individual who no longer works at a facility? Do I have the right to ask him to remove these samples? What recourse do I have if he refuses? Has this happened to anyone else on the group?

Was your check from the client? In other words, did you four-wall the place
(pay for renting the suite), bring in that client, and bill them directly? If
so, you may have cause to be unhappy. 

If not, if you were hired by the small facility to work with their client, I
don't think this is at all uncommon, and I suggest there is little you can (or
should) do from a practical standpoint.

Many industry sites feature the work of people who are no longer connected
with the company, but were at the time the footage was generated. In a
freelance world, that's how it is.

If the small facility had hired me, I would politely ask that I be given
credit on the site for being the colorist for the footage I dealt with, and
leave it at that.


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