[Tig] Digital Vision - Golden Eye 4 Archive scanner

- - patrick at bluegiraffe.tv
Wed Feb 3 14:58:44 GMT 2016

   In the spirit of sharing....

   Digital Vision's Golden Eye 4 Archive scanner:

   - scans ANY format from Reg 8 to 70mm (including Imax and Pathe) at ANY
   resolution up to 4k (3 x 4096 RGB, non Bayer) including native 3840 UHD.
   - all film formats are full resolution acquisition .
   - with our Universal Optics system the are no camera or lens changes, just a
   skid plate.
   - it is entirely sprocket-less (optical perf pick-up) ,
   - has optical and magnetic sound (8, 16 , 35, 70mm) even has a sep mag head
   option for those people that have thrown away their Sep Mag  machines,
   - has keycode
   - has several auto exposure/colour options
   - has the usual primary grading options
   - has multiple file output options and can be supported with high level
   restoration tools such as Phoenix and Loki.
   - worldwide sales and support.



   Patrick Morgan


   1. http://www.digitalvision.tv/

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