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Buck Bito - Movette buck at movettefilm.com
Thu Feb 4 21:43:43 GMT 2016

Hi Perry,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I think we're largely on the same page regarding scanner-based grading
except that with our other two scanners we are able to deal with real
problem footage (most of what we work with is amateur material) by
altering the lamp settings to get closer to a rough grade and thus
retaining full sensor range going to disk.

Like you, we do not do final grading on scanners. But for instance, since
the primary grading UI for the FlashscanHD is acting on the lamp and is
very easy to alter for a pickup take, we deal with serious color issues
like tungsten film outdoors on the scanner to get it 'in range' and that
way our clients have more bits to push around in post for the real

The level of control we have on the Kinetta far surpasses both of our
other scanners and has allowed us to pull usable files out of underexposed
super-8 that was essentially black coming out of either our Scanstation or
our FlashscanHD no matter what we tried on those machines.


On Thu, February 4, 2016 1:01 pm, Perry Paolantonio wrote:
> Hi Buck,
> You can alter the lamp color by doing a custom calibration, and tweaking
> the individual R,G,B values relative to one another. That being said, we
> don't do any grading in the scanner at all, we do that all in Resolve. So
> unless the film is really heavily skewed to one color, we just scan it as
> flat as possible with the default lamp settings, and deal with the color
> in Resolve.
> That being said, I don't think any of these scanners, while they offer
> basic grading tools, should really be used to do graded scans, since
> they're only connected to computer monitors, not calibrated grading
> displays.
> <...>
> -perry
> On Feb 4, 2016, at 3:23 PM, Buck Bito - Movette <buck at MOVETTEFILM.COM>
> wrote:
>> Hi Perry,
>> We also have a Scanstation 5K and a S8/R8 MWA-Nova FlashscanHD and a
>> Kinetta.
>> One thing we feel that we've discovered about the Scanstation (the
>> manual
>> is extremely 'thin') is that unlike our other two scanners, the grading
>> controls do not alter the lamp pulse at all (thus its ability to output
>> multiple grades simultaneously). Is this your experience as well, or
>> have
>> you found a way to alter the color balance and/or overall exposure from
>> the lamp house?
>> -Sincerely,
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>>> The software for it is great - basic grading tools <...>
>>> -perry
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