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Jeff Kreines - Mindspring jeffkreines at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 12 21:29:47 GMT 2016

> On Feb 12, 2016, at 3:03 PM, Andreas Widerøe via Tig <tig at colorist.org> wrote:
> And does anyone know what's in the Scanstation?

Hi, Andreas:

Interesting question.  Their spec sheet claims 
	• Ultra low noise CCD imager with bayer pattern

But their 5K machines use a camera, probably JAI, with a CMOSIS 20000 CMOS sensor — one of the ones we rejected for less-than-stellar dynamic range.  For reversal originals and prints, it’s going to have trouble capturing everything on the film, compared to a CCD.  It is fast, but after a certain point, that requires significantly fast storage.  They don’t appear to have a RAW capture format — just DPX, QT/ProRes, and TIFF.  RAW has a lot of advantages, both in terms of file size and future flexibility.

Jeff “just know what I read and hear” Kreines

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