[Tig] Rank Cintel Days - Pure Nostalgia

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Tue Jan 12 14:20:04 GMT 2016

Well as Peter Stansfield infers, I think you have all suffered from a spoof post.

The Rank Organisation (RO) was never, to my knowledge at Stanhope Place, the Headquarters were off Marble Arch at Connaught Place.

Having spoken to a couple of the  Rank Cintel Directors who were around in the 1970's through to the 1990s they have never heard of  Eric Sykes except as the name of a British Comedian.

During the 1980's I was Sales Manager responsible for "Third World" Countries, covering the whole of the Middle East, Indian Sub Continent, All of Africa, except South Africa, I was also responsible for what was East Europe including the USSR.  I can assure you we did not indulge in  "dodgydeals in certain third world countries in contravention of our code ofpractice:".  All our sales were above board and we never had any comments or complaints from The Rank Organisation.

As an example of us being "above board", in the earliest days of Digiscan we wanted to show a MKIII Digiscan at an exhibition in Moscow. The USA government objected saying we would be showing equipment with restricted technology to the Russian. We obliged and took MKIII Jumpscan telecines. What upset us was, that at the same exhibition, a US company that shall remain nameless was showing equipment that contained the same digital technolgy that we had ben prevented from showing !

I would also take issue with this idiots description of our service personnel, as far as I remember they were all very well trained, most graduated from manufacturing and final test which gave them a solid background in comissioning and servicing telecines and other products. No doubt many who read this thread will have had various problems with telecines in those early digital days, do remember that the MKIII Digiscan 1 was a very early, if not the first piece of commercial broadcast equipment that included A/Ds  digital frame stores and D/As.

The idiot further claims that our training courses were useless, but then goes on to intimate that Mike Waldie was being considered as someone to be MD, I think Mike would contest the idiot's view of our training courses especially as Mike was Training Manager at the time  !  No doubt Mike or Dave Corbitt could have made a good job of being MD, but I am not aware that the likes of Chris Waldron or Jack Brittain ever came in for critisim during the 1970's or 1980's as these were Rank Cintel's best days as far as financial returns to the RO were concerned. 

The statement about Rank Cintel's changes of owmership are also incorrect.. Rank Cintel was part of the RO's Rank Precision Group (RPI), which also included Rank Strand Lighting, Rank Taylor Hobson (Optics) plus a few others. RO had made it clear that they wished to divest themselves of the RPI group, Schroeder Ventures were approached and agreed to purchase the group. After this purchase the individual companies approached Schroeder and suggested management buyouts for each individual company. This is what happened, their was no "millionaire speculator" .

In December 2014 a similarly misinformed set of drivel was posted by someone calling themselves Terry Knight, a name not known to anyone at Cintel. I think this Eric Sykes may be the same person, what his purpose is I have no idea. I have my ideas as to from whom this spoof has originated, but will keep that to myself.

I also note that the original post does not appear in the archive, who removed it ?

Happy New Year to all.


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