[Tig] Sprit 'Film Type' Setting

Steve Roberts steve.roberts at bbc.co.uk
Wed Jul 13 09:09:29 BST 2016

One of our ops just asked me a really basic question which I'm struggling to answer.

In the Spirit setup, you can select eight variations of film type:

Print - pos/neg
Intermediate - pos/neg
Primetime - pos/neg
Colour - pos/neg

For a projectable print in either colour or monochrome Print - Pos would be used. Is there any circumstance in which you would select Colour - Pos? (the filterwheel would have a blue filter selected at this point to counteract the orange dye mask in neg). What's the difference between a colour neg and an intermediate neg that requires a different filter in the colour wheel? Both are dye-masked, aren't they? Maybe by different amounts?

Do some of these combinations simply not make sense for any film stock, so you would never select them in the real world?

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