[Tig] Sony - VPL-GTZ270 Laser 4K projector

Tony Meerakker (MeerTech) tony.meerakker at meertechsystems.com
Thu Jun 16 02:09:41 BST 2016

Just wanted to reach out to the TIG for comments on the new Sony -
VPL-GTZ270 Laser 4K projector.  Has anyone seen one in action, in a theatre
or in a post-production environment?  I am interested in knowing if you
think it may have merits in a post screening room or colour correction
theatre.  I have found it is not currently DCI compliant but that's more
from the lack of not having an internal media player so playing DCPs the
normal route would be off the table.


What are post houses using for a 4K colour projection system?  Any lasers?


Any comments would be appreciated.


OBTW - the organizers of the NAB TIG evening killed it.  Lots of fun.  You
get a gold star in my books.  


Tony Meerakker

tony.meerakker at meertechsystems.com
<mailto:tony.meerakker at meertechsystems.com> 



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