[Tig] P3-DCI to rec709

Marc Wielage mfw at musictrax.com
Thu Jun 16 13:28:06 BST 2016

"CarlSkaff.Colorist" <carlskaff.colorist at gmail.com> asked on the TIG:

How should we transform a cinema graded project to TV
in regards of the different whitepoints and gamma?

Use a LUT to get you most of the way there, and do a trim pass in the
color correction system. The LUT alone will not work. The trim pass need
only take a day or two. I also think there are things that visually change
just inbetween (say) a 20¹ projector and a 30² or 40² flatscreen display.

For that reason, my opinion is that you can¹t use a projector for a Rec709
deliverable. I think you¹re better off using a calibrated flat-panel
display to better approximate what the home viewer will see. I think
projectors are mandatory for theatrical P3 releases, but you¹re going to
chase your tail trying to figure out how it will look for streaming, pay
TV, Blu-ray, syndication, and so on.

--Marc Wielage
  marc at colorbymarc.com

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