[Tig] Still photo printer on a budget

Rob Lingelbach roblingelbach at icloud.com
Tue Mar 15 14:17:53 GMT 2016

This is a little off-topic, but could be of interest and engender knowledgeable discussion among still-photo aficionados.

I'm in a position now in needing print stills of shots I've done for location scouting and for general semi-pro (advanced-amateur?) use, at a resolution of 24MP and roughly 300dpi.  I've wanted not to stoop to sRGB colorspace, but as most budget color printers seem only to handle that colorspace.... (would prefer ProPhotoRGB) ... and also would prefer a printer with multiple ink cartridges.  (but the Epson 2000 at $1k might be above my budget).  The Epson XP-950 at $260 and with 6 inks looks pretty good, so if anyone is using it, (those 6 cartridges might break a small budget?) I'd be interested in some feedback.

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