[Tig] Still photo printer on a budget

Daniel Henríquez Ilic dhisur at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 16:57:06 GMT 2016

Hi Rob,

A side-note: Few years ago, I did contact a Durst representative.  He
showed me the latest UV ink printers and I compared to prints that I had
done with a Durst Lambda (laser exposure to photo-chemical paper).  Even if
the UV ink print was quite good, there was a significative difference in
quality; the Durst Lambda print being clearly better.

Hopefully Durst will one day update the Durst Lambda so that it can handle
a 16-bit output instead of 8-bit.

My recommendation, in case there is a Durst Lambda near your location, is
to align your display to their output, doing some proof tests.  The cost is
normally per square meter (or so) so several pictures could fit into it.
The final quality should be much better than any other printer, and
cost-wise, at least in Santiago, the cost is fair.

For Black and White prints, I know Ilford has an online service, that
allows them to expose digital files to black and white paper. I imagine
they use a Durst Lambda too, but can't confirm that.

Best regards,
Daniel Henriquez

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