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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Wed Mar 16 02:18:14 GMT 2016

On Tue, 15 Mar 2016, Rob Lingelbach via Tig wrote:
> The most recent information I have, which may not apply to the 
> quality of the Durst Lambda, is that laser printing is generally 
> inferior to ink-jet printing, in several of the references I find:

I am sure that it is, at least in terms of photo quality.

I have a Xerox Phaser type printer here (actually a ColorQube 8700 
behemouth which required a second man to lift it) which is optimized 
for business type printing.  The prints have a nice appearance and 
last a long time, but the CMYK color primaries (just 4 colors) are 
somewhat limited so some colors just can't be reproduced.  This is 
actually the second hot wax Xerox printer that I have owned.  The 
prints I have on the wall date from the end of 2003 and still look 
pretty good except that the red color of a flower has faded.

The main difference from ink jet printers is that the color prints 
come out almost as fast as the black and white prints, as in multiple 
pages per minute (up to 45 I think).

I don't have personal experience with color laser printers but they 
require many passes over the rollers while the Phaser type printer 
takes only a single pass and that seems much better to me.

A major fallback of wax printing is that hot lamination damages the 

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