[Tig] Film frame stabilization software

Peter White (EAFA) Peter.White at uea.ac.uk
Thu Nov 17 10:06:37 GMT 2016

Thanks all,

As Jeff brought it up - I am indeed mainly stabilising the perfs on Super 8.  We seem to only get a small amount of horizontal and vertical weave with terrible cement joins.  Not enough to put the picture out of rack, but enough to notice on a really big screen that you want to correct it.

For camera stabilisation I've found After Effects, Diamant, Mocha, etc all very good.  Diamant very good for perf stabilisation, but we now don't own a working copy (though we do still have the 13yr old dongle....).  Resolve handles it so so well though, and within our grading software of choice.  It's just a shame that it's not easy to stabilise then scene detect!  We could export and reimport, but we wish to save the Resolve project file with the original scanned DPX...  so relinking could get confusing.

[Off topic about Resolve  - it's also a shame that in the latest version BMD removed the ability to enter any number for 'FPS' in 'Change source timecode in header'.  Now the user can only select standard video framerates.  Before we could type in 12fps, 16fps, 8.... etc etc.  This simplified the respeeding workflow no end.  Now we have to grade at 25, export, reimport and retime - as you can't retime/respeed all 300 scenes at once on a timeline!]


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