[Tig] Lipsner Smith Excel 1100 priming

Grace McKay gracemckay at electricpictures.tv
Tue Nov 22 20:00:47 GMT 2016

Hi Perry,

a couple of things to look at. Remove the lower cover, and trace which 
pump supplies the lower rollers. Take it off the machine. the pump is 
easily removed with thumbscrews. open it up- separate the front and rear 
housings. check the hose inside. There is a good chance it is kinked or 
otherwise defective. if you need to replace the hose, you can find 
silicone -based medical hoses on ebay that work well and last a long 
time. check the tee fittings and other supply hoses. If you can, it is a 
good idea to replace every hose, except perhaps the smallest feed hoses 
that go up to the felt pads ( which I have not found a source for) Some 
machines have filters in the supply line, a VW bug fuel filter is a good 

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On 11/22/2016 11:15 AM, Perry Paolantonio via Tig wrote:
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> We have an Excel 1100 film cleaner - it's one of the isopropyl alcohol models, not full immersion like the ultrasonic cleaners.
> There are 4 wet buffers and 4 dry buffers. Each wet buffer has a hose that goes to the solvent pumps, and a wick that contacts a metal roller, which in turn contacts the buffer. When we prime the wicks by pressing the Down arrow on the control panel, only the bottom two wicks are getting wet. The top two are bone dry. I've tried contacting RTI, but it's like talking into a black hole sometimes, only getting responses about 10% of the time.
> Anyone here familiar with these, and have suggestions for where to begin troubleshooting this? Or better, do you have a service manual you can email to me directly? I've got the operator's manual, but it has no troubleshooting section in it.
> Thanks!
> -perry
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