[Tig] Minneapolis Library (was: Re: One inch Type B videotape machine.)

Rob Lingelbach roblingelbach at icloud.com
Fri Jul 28 22:09:35 BST 2017


>paticular program exists in other climes and cities, but here in the Twin Cities, with your Hennepin County Library card (I’m >partial to the ł30+-year old Central Library where I work in Downtown Minneapolis, the building a work of art by architect >Cesar Pelli) you can watch, via Criterion’s 419+  titles, 10 free per month.

The original building is long gone, a Romanesque beauty replaced in 1961 by a kind of brutalist form.

The Pelli work of art celebrated its 10th anniversary last year.

An well written and illustrated article of the 3 versions of the Minneapolis Central Library “works of art” were written up in an article recently in the local newspaper, the Star-Tribune:


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