[Tig] Music Video entirely shot on Super 35 and Super-8 Negative Film (5203, 7203, XX)

Daniel Henríquez-Ilic dhisur at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 22:17:34 BST 2017

Fotoquímica Films in Chile, was Associate Producer company of the latest
Music Video, of Rezonancia Sound Hip Hop band (Rezuzitaun Album).

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaQgtLYDxFc&feature=youtu.be

Broadcasted on a Free-to-Air TV channel in Santiago de Chile few weeks ago,
and then released through YouTube platform (1920x1080 24 FPS). No 3D LUT
was used for sRGB, rather kept in Rec709 but with an overall grade to
compensate for what happens once it is compressed by YouTube platform,
delivered a better result for this YouTube release.

"Ellos no pueden" 3 minutes 57 seconds Music Video was shot with one Super
35mm camera (Arriflex 435 Xtreme) at 0.1 FPS, 24 FPS and 48 FPS and three
Super-8 cameras (including a Pro8 Classic Max8) at 24 FPS.  Lens used:
Cooke 15-40, Carl Zeiss Ultra Prime 50mm and Master Prime 50mm on the
Arriflex 435 Xtreme camera.  Ultra Prime 50 and Helios 58 on the Classic
Pro8 with PL adapter.  Kodak Vision3 color negative stocks (5203, 7203) and
custom loads of Eastman Kodak 5222 Double X black and white negative
reformatted to Super-8.  All ECN-2 films were developed at high quality
Labs in Los Angeles (FotoKem, Pro8mm). The black and white super-8 films
were hand-developed with a Jobo tank into Kodak D-76 or Ilford DD-X
depending on the cartridge. Around 1200 feet of 35mm color negative and 190
feet of Super-8 film were shot for this project.

Digital Intermediate at 2K1556 resolution. All 35mm color film scanned to
2K DPX RGB 16-bit through Scanity (FotoKem). The Super-8 footage was also
scanned to 2K1556 DPX RGB 10/16-bit via ScanStation at Pro8mm.

uncompressed 2K1556 DPX post-production within da Vinci Resolve v14 beta,
(offline and online-editing, vfx, YRGB color grading with Rec 709
monitoring) done by Fotoquímica Films SpA in Chile;

Daniel Henríquez Ilic
Filmmaker, Photographer, Post-Producer
Fotoquímica Films

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