[Tig] OT: Grass Valley VPE-131 editor--documentation? Manuals?

Ted Langdell tedlangdell at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 20:28:08 BST 2017

Greetings from enjoyablytemperate Northern California.

Does anyone on the list have any experience with or documentation for the Grass Valley VPE-131 editor?

I am suddenly having to make a Grass Valley VPE-131 keyboard appear functional in a production I'm supplying equipment for. The desire is to have one or more BVU 800s respond to jog/shuttle movements.

I have the VPE-131 edit controller chassis, and it lights up, but we are lacking any manuals for this specific unit.

The Super Edit software documentation I have from a different source does make reference to an installation planning guide or document along with a number of other individual publications.

Looks like we're also having to locate a nine pin VGA to 15 pin high density VGA adapter for the monitor connection. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, whether documentation we could scan and return or links to already available PDFs.

Thanks in advance!

I hope you're early autumn is swell and your Halloween weekend is well prepared.



Ted Langdell
tedlangdell at gmail.com

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