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888 bug

You know, it makes me wonder...every time I report a bug to DaVinci,
they make like I am great for noticing it, and hopefully because I
told them about it they will have it fixed in the next release.  I
have this sneaking suspicion that they tell everyone this, about the
same bug, because it doesn't behoove them to admit they've known about
it for a while, that wouldn't look good, and they want to make their
customers feel important...

Anyway, here's a bug for you, on the 3.21 release that includes Soft

Scan effects page, you set up the distorted effect you want, and then
if you use the (for example) TILT softpot in the center panel to try
to "move the picture through the effect", it doesn't work-- instead
the TILT control does the same thing the HEIGHT control on the left
panel does-- it only moves the *effect* placement.  So, bummer, you
can't make that classic URSA effect of the picture being poured into
an hourglass.  I used to use it to demo the scan effects; actually
used it in exactly one spot over the past 5 years ;-).


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