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Questions & suggestions

Hello all,...
 Things are bright, sunny and humid in Chicago.
Forgive me for not listing excerpts, but I've been cranked for
days, just read some interesting mail, & I'm leaving for the weekend,

As to humidity, we've always tried for between 45 & 55 %
with a median temp of around 68 to 72. Variations in this relationship have
caused dust problems, as well as telecine
& davinci problems.

I worked on a 3c for years (still do when I have to) and found that
air blowing across the face of the tube at about 30 psi seemed to help with
dust. When cleaning, shut off air (no streaks) and use
straight windex, windex 50% w/ water, or sparkle brand glass
cleaner. Superstitious, I know, but hey, we all are.

As for the look of tubes...
When I was at Skyview, we installed digital scan on two mark III
C telecines. We also hung 888's on them. This was about a $220,000 upgrade
per telecine. I would put those telecines
against any Ursa, anywhere. ( I currently work on an Ursa). My 
belief is that digital scan is essential w/ a mark III. ( $50,000 ).

As to Davinci...
Yes, they tell everyone that they are happy you noticed the bug they knew
about 6 months ago. Even when I went to Davinci school
awhile back, they pointed out bugs with great glee.
I have been hearing though, that they are working on an interface
to an SGI based platform. i.e.: The panel would operate the same
way ( for all functions where possible ), but it would be hosed to
an SGI workstation. I, for one, hope this does not happen. Davinci
certainly knows color correction, but I can't imagine they are experienced
SGI programmers. I would much rather see a completely new interface; w/ a
PEN, for tracing shapes, drawing unlimited windows, and removing dirt, I
would like to see an unlimited amount of "kilovectors" as the name already
(no, I hardly ever use all nine, but they are not as sensitive as I would
like sometimes). I can also see a combination of balls and knobs for CC. I
also would like to see an intellegent interface for custom curves. Yes I use
them, But they are a pain in the ass.
Why can't it just show me a curve and I'll bend it where I want it?

Sorry to be so long-winded,
Kill the power and shut down my EHT,
I'm outta here,
Craig Leffel