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Re: Questions & suggestions

On Jul 22, 18:11, CLEFFEL at aol.com wrote:

> Even when I went to Davinci school
> awhile back, they pointed out bugs with great glee.

I wonder what prompts them to be so "open" about bugs?  Some sort of
reverse psychology, where they believe it servers their purpose to
indicate an openness...  too bad they don't really have any
competition here.

> I have been hearing though, that they are working on an interface
> to an SGI based platform. i.e.: The panel would operate the same
> way ( for all functions where possible ), but it would be hosed to
> an SGI workstation. I, for one, hope this does not happen. Davinci
> certainly knows color correction, but I can't imagine they are experienced
> SGI programmers.

Well, the DaVinci has always run on top of Regulus, which is a
real-time Unix, and SGI's run a System V (AT&T) Unix; I guess I would
call Regulus a subset of a System V OS.  I don't think that migration
would be very difficult for the DV systems guys.

 I would much rather see a completely new interface; w/ a

Yes, it's way overdue.  Their problem is that they need to junk the
hardware bus they use, which only supports the (what, is it 40Hz
refresh?) crummy video they get.  And then redesign the interface
completely.  It really is something out of the 70's, isn't it?  

To your suggestions of more kilovectors, I would add some more windows
for the PowerWindows package.

Speaking of which, our PW board blew up, and I heard that we won't get
another real soon because other boards are blowing up around the US.
Anybody else have that experience?

> Kill the power and shut down my EHT,
> I'm outta here,

Rats, I have a 7-9pm unsup session this evening, how did you manage to
get out of here so early?


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