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a few 888 observations, etc.

We upgraded to the latest software in our 888 recently, and I observe:

The Power Windows effect now switches in and out with field accuracy.

The new "Soft Clip" is even worse than the soft clip in the older
"Classic" DaVinci's.

Somehow they lost the handle on shifting the picture through a scan
effect, e.g. you can't "pour" the picture through an hourglass or
other shape created with flex effects.

The computer is somehow less sensitive to "Mark"ing a frame quickly
after changing direction and stopping the transport...I attribute this 
to processor overhead, perhaps...I have to bang on the Mark key
sometimes now a couple of times if I have just finished doing
something else that is tying up the computer.

You know, the DaVinci color-correctors have always been extremely slow
for me.  I have the impression there is so much updating going on in
the computer, for example of those useless displays of arrows and
markpoints on the "filmstrip", that the operator just can't build any
speed.  I have been working on a DV for 5 years now, and I'm about the
same speed I was after the first month.  Now in the good old days on a
Dubner, I got faster and faster, until my color-correction speed was
only limited by my finger speed and film through-the-gate.

If we as colorists could get together and propose --as a group!-- the
design features of our ideal programmer, I would put speed very near
the top.  Right below that I'd tell them to redesign the interface to
allow COLOR CORRECTION ON THE FLY which the DaVinci is not designed to
do.  (Just try to mark a list while the transport is rolling, when
you're not at the end...or try to recover a previously-stored event
color once you've changed it and rolled past a markpoint...or try to
take control of the color while rolling the transport past markpoints,
preserving the list, but not having the list's corrections
triggered...ALL OF THIS THE [ancient] DUBNER COULD DO.)


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