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Re: 888 obs.

>If we as colorists could get together and propose --as a group!-- the
>design features of our ideal programmer, I would put speed very near
>the top.  Right below that I'd tell them to redesign the interface to
>allow COLOR CORRECTION ON THE FLY which the DaVinci is not designed to
>do.  (Just try to mark a list while the transport is rolling, when
>you're not at the end...or try to recover a previously-stored event
>color once you've changed it and rolled past a markpoint...or try to
>take control of the color while rolling the transport past markpoints,
>preserving the list, but not having the list's corrections
>triggered...ALL OF THIS THE [ancient] DUBNER COULD DO.)

As does the current Pogle, which has all the features you just described 
(although being a controller, it doesn't have things like Power Windows or 
color correction at all, for that matter, unless you add their DCP or a 
supported color corrector) including lightning fast operation (all 
operations short of disk saves are nearly instantaneous), ability to add 
markpoints in the middle of the list (automatically, if you use a shot 
detector), simple changes of cuts to dissolves, far better editing 
capabilities, and list value ripples that are practically instantaneous 
(even for tape to tape lists that are >800 events). I must confess that I've 
never been a DaVinci fan for anything other than their windowing 
capabilities and "unified corrector" concept.

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