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Re: 888 obs.

On Aug 11, 21:30, Michael D. Most wrote:
} Subject: Re: 888 obs.

> As does the current Pogle, which has all the features you just described 
> (although being a controller, it doesn't have things like Power Windows or 
> color correction at all, for that matter, unless you add their DCP or a 

I have always liked the Pogle, except for two things:

Last frame operation (but I suppose I could get used to it)

DCP was a promise that went unfulfilled for two years, while I waited
expectantly.  Then the last I heard in 1993 was that it was still not
fulfilling expectations.  

Anyone care to comment on DCP?  I don't know where it stands right

Are you sure the window/joyball click and double-click and all the
undocumented commands I hear about make the Pogle fast?

Thanks for the input Mike.  


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