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DaVinci obs...

In the interest of promoting discussion, I will reprint here Dave
Tosh's comments as mailed to me (with permission) replying to the
recent DaVinci discussion: (Dave Tosh is an Engineer at Post Logic)

You have some interesting complaints about the daVinci. I winder if
some of them aren't intended to spark a reply...You know, or course,
that the prohibition against adding MARKs when not at the end of the
list is a safety feature. I would hesitate to take this away but have
sometimes wanted an option to allow on the fly inserts. I also feel
that there is a lot of processing going on below the surface that may
influence the operational quirks. I have observed colorists here
setting color in a scene will habitualy hit [current scene][MEM x] in
much the same fashion the we used to hit the enter key on the Dubner
to save the correction. The daVinci live list is being ignored for the
warm fuzzy feeling of explicitly saving the corrections. So what is
the advantage to a live list in a scene to scene commercial color
environment? We have felt the need for a lot more scratch memories.
Some types of job do no lend themselves to a linear color marks list
model. I see the colorists use the SCROLL mode to select previous
corrections. This gets very confusing to keep the scratch marks
organized and the film position marks organized. We could have some
fertile ground for brainstorming here- if anyone would ask.  I think
the whole simplistic model of a marks table that begins at zero and
continues in a monotonic, linear fashion is obsolete for the type work
we do.  Where is the concept of souce reel identity and alternate
corrections in the daVinci list? It exists only by colorists
superimposing some additional order via numbering conventions (a reel
per hour whether we need it or not) and other work-arounds.  No
comment from the programming staff at daVinci Systems. My ideal
programmer would include source reel identifiers.  And how about all
that wasted screen space for record decks A and B? Even when we were
forced to use the daVinci to control the recording, we found that they
just didn't have a clue as to how recording is done in our business.
Only two recorders? I don't think so.. (I even get complaints that
TLC's 4 recorders is not enough.) The control of another source for
sound is not practical. Let's just drop the pretense and gain back
some buttons, screen space and horsepower...

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