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Bob Festa...Hollywood Digital here.

Currently using the Alpha Image 500 "Alphie".

Great keyer section, not exactly an Ultimatte in its control, but a killer keyernone the less. Six differnt attacks on the key and its edge as well as a form
of chroma suppression.

However, if you want to do anything quickly, your barking up the wrong
manufacturer. Even a wipe change is levels of software away, not to mention 
the associated keystrokes to get there. Rather sophisticated in its superlayer
approach, and associated architechture. Maybe this would be a great
switcher for a telecine in Chicago where they seem to have all day to work on
one scene, and the clients are all smiles. In my sessions we have a credo:
If assholes could fly, this session would be a hub. I think you get the
message, I don't have the time to explain to my clients why its taking
so long to set up the key. Thats where Ultimattes excel...File Clear anyone?

Would'nt it be nice if Bob Hemsky and Bruce Graham most recently
of daVinci had access to the ideas we are tossing around here?  I know they
are in the process of hardware design for our futures.

Smile flamers,

Bob Festa				Hollywood Digital	
festa at netcom.com			6690 Sunset Blvd	
Compuserve 75140,3272			Hollywood, California 90028