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Re: Crosspoints

Greetings fellow knob twisters,

You know Bob Festa is right. I've been Using the same "Alphie"
that he is, and for Chicago it's great. Right after I get done milking the
cows each morning, I come into my room and if there's a chroma key to be
done, I recall an effect (that I stored weeks ago right after I got done
canning the preserves) and whamo! the blue is all gone. After watching the
horses for awhile I got the idea that not all chroma keys would be the same,
so the next time I did a green one I saved it. The next time I did a yellow
one I saved it. The next time I did a low saturated blue I saved it. I'm sure
glad my clients take their daily supply of prozac, otherwise I'd never have
time to hit save on the switcher. It's also good that they are so damn amazed
at the fact we have comfortable  chairs to sit in, that they don't notice
when I hit 
<chroma key> and then twist a couple knobs to tweak it in. Boy,
I'm sure that if I could just get a few mirrors back there where they sit,
they'd be even more impressed... I was thinking of smoking the room too. But
I digress, it's gettin to be time to slop the hogs, so I'd better go. I've
got an SGI with ultimatte software ($10,000 same as the 60 key abilities)
that I have to set up as soon as I'm done with my chores.

Twist harder and faster,