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Re: switchers

On Sep 23, 11:15, David Tosh wrote:
} Subject: Re: switchers

> We use the Dynatech Alphie (formerly Alpha 501). I works really well
> and I like the chroma keyer better than the Ultimatte 4 or 5 (plus its
> digital!). 

That's quite an endorsement for the chroma keyer.  I wonder if it
would beat the Ultimatte 6 or 7?  Does it deal with shadows as well as
an Ultimatte, in general?

> If I were building a new bay right now, I would also look at GVG's
> 1000 and even the 1200.

We are looking at the following small switchers for our new telecine

GVG1000, 1200

So far, I do like the Alfie the best, but it may not be financially
feasible, and is perhaps more switcher than we need...  I am not a
great fan of the menu structure; I do like very much the idea of
having timelines available in telecine.

I like the Vistek, very friendly to operate.  I like the Thomson too,
but wonder about support...they are going to open a west coast service
office soon though, I hear.  The BTS looks difficult, but I think it
has timelines...  The GVG I don't know enough about yet, but I
generally haven't liked the feel of driving the 100 over the
years...cheap parts, jumpy wipes, etc. 


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