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Re: switchers

On Sep 28, 21:37, EricM86802 at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: switchers

> The Ulltimatte 666 is a fine analog unit. The clear file function is great
> for pulling quick keys... there are a few 
> quirks to get use to.. but it outshines the 4 be a long shot.

The 6 is great, I like it, but the advantage of the 4 is that you
could tweak one thing while tweaking another --all the knobs are
visible all the time.  

> We use the 6 with A/D's and D/A's it's "ok".. Another thing about the 6 is
> the processing control you have on the foreground... Has anyone looked at the
> Vistek D-1 switcher 
> the keying really stunk from what i've seen..

We have been looking at the Vistek and we really like it.  I'll take a
closer look at the keying now that you mention it...I hear they will
introduce timelines as a software upgrade, to better compete with the


PS.  Hey everyone, I think there's a blurb about this mailing list in
the newest Millimeter magazine...haven't seen it yet.

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