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Re: Time Logic Inc's TLC Sold to daVinci

On Oct 12,  7:01, David L. Tosh wrote:
} Subject: Time Logic Inc's TLC Sold to daVinci

> This is only the product and Jim is going to keep
> the Time Logic company and will continue to support warranty and service
> contract obligations from before the sale.

> I have very mixed feelings on the subject.

It seems to me DaVinci has always tried to position their color
correctors as "the complete environment", not acknowledging that a TLC
was needed, asserting that their machine control/editing package is
sufficient (and it isn't: two record machines is two too few)...I
wonder if they are looking either to incorporate the TLC into a future
DaVinci, or if they want to kill the TLC entirely and just force
future purchasers to go with their existing editing package.

> I hope to talk to the people in
> the booth at SMPTE and maybe will have something to report later.

I for one will be very interested in anything you hear Dave.
(I won't be able to make it to the show)

In other news:

I got a call from Rick Taylor yesterday (he's at Skyview in Chicago)
and he told me Producer's Color Service in Detroit is buying the BTS
FLH-1000.  They're also going to be in league with CIS here in
Hollywood to have clients in Detroit color-correcting film on CIS
machines here, through a network connection (I forget the network
name).  I think there was an article on this in Millimeter recently.
The net doesn't support D2 resolution at 30 fps, but supposedly comes


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