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 Reply to:     RE>>TLC & PCS
When I went by the BTS booth, they were lamenting that a servo
failure prevented them from showing off the +/- 0.2 LINE
stability of the new machine. Did you get a look at it when
it was working, R?

As for the TLC stuff... very good question re the Sunburst w/TLC!

On the other hand, it may be nice for existing TLC and DaVinci
owners to possibly be able to get support from DaVinci. At least
they have a customer service department in place! Lord knows it
can't be any worse than what Jim has been able to provide
in the past.

Date: 10-17-94  8:36
To: Topazio, Bill
From: RSTARNES at aol.com

The TLC has been incorporated into the Copernicus, the new Sunburst, which by
the way will be running the FLH 1000 at Producers in Motown.  Davinci
packages the TLC w/ their 888 but doesn't integrate it.  Will daVinci be
servicing a Sunburst? Also Lynette Dunsing from Digital Magic has left LA to
work for PCS.  She and Bobby Johansan will demo the FDL Quadra w/ a
Copernicus.  The new design of the FDL claims to have real time stability
equal to jump free, of course I'm very familiar w/ claims from BTS.  I'll be
checking it out Sat.  Are we getting together at cocktail hour?    later R.