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Bill Topazio writes:
>  Reply to:     RE>>TLC & PCS
> When I went by the BTS booth, they were lamenting that a servo
> failure prevented them from showing off the +/- 0.2 LINE
> stability of the new machine. Did you get a look at it when
> it was working, R?

I looked at the Quadra at IBC and it looked very stable, compared to
older FDLs,etc.  I didn't have a chance to look at it with a grid chart
against a frozen image, so I can't really say its a good as JumpFree.

> As for the TLC stuff... very good question re the Sunburst w/TLC!

We will support the TLC no matter whos system its attached to, but obviously
it easier to fix problems when its attached to one of our systems.

> On the other hand, it may be nice for existing TLC and DaVinci
> owners to possibly be able to get support from DaVinci. At least
> they have a customer service department in place! Lord knows it
> can't be any worse than what Jim has been able to provide
> in the past.

We hope to give the kind of support daVinci is famous for, but give us time...
It will take a bit for us to come up to speed on the system.

Let me know if I can answer further questions.

Andy Sackheim