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Re: Telecine in NYC?

John W Bottoms (jbottoms at world.std.com) wrote:
: > Sandy Hawkins <shawk at panix.com> writes:
: >  
: > >I need to transfer 240,000 feet of 35mm negative to D2 and BetacamSP. 
: >  
: > Yikes!  Do you care what they cost?  Well, everyone has favorites, so you
[Good Suggestions Deleted]

: Yikes, Yikes. With that much film to transfer it seems like you would
: have a budget to buy some equipment. I mean, how much can a telecine
: conversion system cost? Anybody got a figure?

Well, considering I used to work at Editel/NY as a producer I am familiar 
with the process and costs involved and to set up a decent telecine with 
good tape machines etc. you will need to spend in the vicintity of US1.5 
Million (yes million) dollars.  The rate for good telecine in New York 
City goes from a low of about $250.00/hr (not and hour of film, rather an 
hour of room use time) up to (and beyond) US$1,500.00/Hr
240,000 feet is really not a whole bunch.
Here are the phone numbers of the people to call: 
Manahattan Transfer 212-687-4000
Tapehouse  212-557-4949
Post Perfect 212-972-3400

Hope that helps


Marty Focazio
martyf at panix.com
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