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So I'm in session the other day, and I'm thinking to myself...
this job really used to be fun and interesting. What Happened?

There was a time not too long ago when telecine was an ever
changing environment, new technology was being spit out at 
a blistering pace, and colorists actually had to learn
something new to keep themselves at the top of their craft.

Maybe it was the recent SMPTE expo where companies like
Softimage were showing platform independent software
implementations of some really wicked image manipulation
tools. I used to think would'nt it be great to have a
filter package like KAI's power tools, or XAOS Pandemonium
style tools at your disposal in telecine. This now seems
like childs play compared to the Creative Environment
and Silicon Studio tools of today.

As a UNIX head with just enough knowledge to be dangerous in an
open system, I've got to ask when will color correction see
the type of power that is being offered to other crafts in our field?

Nothing will make me happier than to be using an open desktop environment
with custom software iterations of these outrageous packages.

Any thoughts,
Bob Festa				Hollywood Digital	
festa at netcom.com			6690 Sunset Blvd	
Compuserve 75140,3272			Hollywood, California 90028