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Re: Dreamin'

On Oct 18, 15:04, Andy Sackheim wrote:
} Subject: Re: Dreamin'

> Robert James Festa writes:
> > Lots of stuff deleted...
> >
> > Nothing will make me happier than to be using an open desktop environment
> > with custom software iterations of these outrageous packages.
> Stay tuned...  See you at NAB!

}-- End of excerpt from Andy Sackheim

nudge, nudge, elbow elbow.

A DaVinci in software is an exciting prospect when you think of the
customization possible.  We could determine the speed of the system,
the resolution of the video, the size of the monitor, the console
space we want to use, etc. etc.  Of course there would have to be some
input device beyond a terminal keyboard...

It's a natural for them to do it when you know it's based on a
realtime Unix ...hopefully they moved away from stripped-down Regulus,
though there are advantages to the small kernel.


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