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  I would hope that some of us color carpenters can still 
   enjoy drivin' nails without the need for the special 2001
   Buck Rodgers hammer.
  Does anyone enjoy the challenge of making poorly shot
  film look better than anyone ever imagined it would ?
  Every  roll of film I see presents me with slightly different
 challenges than the last. Every set of clients that walk in 
  with that film put a different spin on that. Every piece of 
 gear I use has its own little special quirks to deal with.

  We WILL be using the color correction stuff we're seeing in
 the hottest new graphics sysytems sooner or later. It's bound 
 to happen.  The question is... when  we learn how to use the  
  new hammer will we still get a kick out of building a house ?
                                                  With All Due Respect ,