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Re: Dreamin'

Rob Lingelbach commented:  "A DaVinci in software is an exciting prospect when
you think of the customization possible."

Yes, but will it WORK?  :-)

It seems like a lot of my days and hours with DaVinci are spent figuring out
how to get around limitations and design problems with their color-corrector. 
I don't mean to be critical, but some of the same old problems still continue:

* we still can't delete files from a floppy from within DaVinci

* you can't cut in and out of Power Windows frame-accurately (though they swear
it's supposed to and that this will be fixed)

* extreme corrections on the DVNR come up about two frames late

* our problems with late or early color-corrections still continue (generally
only with large lists of more than 500 corrections), but not nearly as bad as
it was.  

* the thing is still too damned slow.

My fear is that the more they add to the basic Renaissance 8:8:8, the slower
and more unwieldly it'll become.  I love the thing, and I know the boys back in
Ft. Lauderdale are trying hard to put out all the fires, but man, it's really
making my hair grey (and/or fall out).  Maybe it's the radiation.  --MFW