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TLC Sale Announcement

>From the Time Logic BBS:

To all TLC owners and users:
Here is the announcement regarding Time Logic's support policy for
TLCs.  If you wish hard copy support plan details, leave your fax
number on my voice mail 805-529-1155.
                    ***         ***         ***
Dear TLC System Owner:
     I am pleased to announce that on October 6, 1994, Time Logic,
Inc., and the da Vinci Systems, Inc. division of Dynatech Corporation
reached an agreement under which da Vinci has acquired the TLC product
line from Time Logic.  You should direct all new requests for equipment
price quotations and orders to da Vinci at 305-484-8100 or to their
local sales offices.  Time Logic will act as consulting engineers to da
Vinci during a twelve month transition period, and provide development
assistance for product enhancements planned for your TLC--features that
protect and extend the competitiveness of your capital investment in
     Also, you'll be glad to know Time Logic still offers to directly
support your older TLC hardware and Time Logic authored TLC operating
     What does this mean to *you*, our loyal customers?  If you
purchased your TLC within the twelve months prior to October 6, 1994,
your hardware warranty is still in effect and you should contact Time
Logic at 805-529-1155 for telephone support and exchange parts in the
event of a hardware fault.
     If you have questions regarding software enhancements, bug fixes,
new VTR driver software--or if your hardware warranty period has
expired and you'd like continued support--you'll be glad to know Time
Logic has retained the right to provide service and software support
directly to you under a new support plan.  Please contact us at
805-529-1155 or by fax at 805-529-6744 to request plan details and an
order form.  Please include your fax number when you call.
     It is my desire to continue to offer responsive service, and to
meet your needs for spare parts and minor software "tweaks" as we've
done in the past (including continued BBS file downloading).  The
service plan fee structure allows Time Logic to continue to support you
in the manner that you've come to expect from us, despite our loss of
future product sales revenue, and I think you'll agree it's a bargain
compared to the cost of session downtime.  I hope you'll take advantage
of our limited-time special pricing offer soon.  Our special pricing
ends December 1, 1994.
     Please call 805-529-1155, or fax 805-529-6744 for plan details.
     Very truly yours,
     Jim Lindelien, President

David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)