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Re: Rank IIIC Turbo I/DaVinci...

>Andy Sackheim says...
>This is not an inherent problem with the system.  I have forwarded 
>this on to our Customer Service Deparment.  They should be getting 
>back to you.

Thanks for the reply.  We did get a FAX from your Customer Service today.  We
have been working on the problem with them for a while.  My message here was
in the hope that someone else know of the problem and what they did to solve
it.  We feel that it may not be a DaVinci problem.

This is by no means a local problem.  We  have spoken to other Rank operators
who are having the same problem.  We also noticed it in the VHS dub of the
just-released movie "Jurassic Park"!!  There in one of the scenes, is a
1-field phase shift !!!

Tom Hackett
Atlantic Video
Washington, DC