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Re: Ursa beam current uncertainty, Web musing

Rob Lingelbach comments:  ]] "at times --seemingly random-- the Ursa will be in
150uamps low beam..."

Welcome to the nether world of confusion between the Ursa and DaVinci.  It's
done that to us at Complete since the day the DaVincis were installed about 18
months ago.  

I make it a habit to occasionally touch the "ready" button on the DaVinci
keyboard every so often just to make sure the thing is in 300 mA.  Nothing
pisses me off more than to scene-to-scene program half a reel, THEN discover
it's all been done at 150 mA.  

I've repeatedly asked DaVinci to give us a constant indicator on beam current
in the main display, but they appear to be unable or unwilling to do it.  Until
they do that, all you can do to protect yourself is to CHECK IT FIRST.

Wayne's idea elsewhere to save the 300 mA setting as part of the User Setup is
good, but this still won't protect you when the system glitches and dumps the
beam down.

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood