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the loop problem: apologies

I thought I had the looping mail with jswan at mac.avid.com fixed but
then the beeps from the computer at 2 AM woke me up-- it was happening
again.  I then took the drastic measure of shutting down my net
connection while I figured it out... 

His vacation message to the list was automatically resubscribing him
to the list, and the reject mechanism (his name was on the reject list
because of the earlier bounces) variable wasn't set true, so the loop
started again.

This may have been a major drag for people who pay $$ for their
incoming mail.  I'm sorry for that.  Please let me know if this went
beyond just deleting a bunch of identical vacation messages.  I've
also emailed the listserver author --who is always available (in
Germany) --to ask if he knows why the loop detector failed.  I've
disabled automatic subscription, and enabled the reject mechanism, so
it *shouldn't* happen again.  Quite a lesson.  I have made the same
changes for the other mailing lists I run.


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