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Kodak involvement in the Web, new film

Indeed, Kodak is going to bring some form of World Wide Web server up
very soon, they are researching the types of documents they want to
offer.  Certainly all the film specsheets will be available.  Beyond
that, there may also be an offering of links to articles about the
real-world experience with their films, a la the magazine American
Cinemetographer's technical discussions.  There is also talk of a sort
of "question and answer" feedback page.

Does anyone have any experience with Kodak's new negative film,
5287/7287?  They state it has a softer, more low contrast look, and
recommend underexposing slightly, for a grainier look.  If I remember
correctly, it's rated (tungsten) at 200, but for telecine they
recommend rating it at 320.  Very interesting, I guess the trend
toward films with ever-tighter grain structure has swung back around
the other way a bit.


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