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Re: Ursa beam current uncertainty, Web musing

Rob Lingelbach writes:
> On Nov 15, 17:22, Andy Sackheim wrote:
Stuff deleted...
> On Nov 15, 16:21, "Bill Topazio" wrote:
> } Subject: FWD>RE>FWD>Ursa beam curren
> >  Reply to:     FWD>RE>FWD>Ursa beam current uncertainty, We  
> > Duane Fisher, our Telecine Magna-Guru suggests...
> > 
> > Try selecting 300ua at the DaVinci CMD READY and saving SETUP 1 7 
> }-- End of excerpt from "Bill Topazio"
> I didn't know it was part of the SETUP, thanks a lot Bill and Duane.
> Andy, that just might fix the "problem", right?
> --rob

To the best of MY knowledge, the "READY" mode is NOT stored in the user's
configuration file.  This must be established EVERY session.  However,
the telecine board remembers the "last" way it was set during a prior
session and will apply that to the next session unless the TCIFB was
rebooted or the system was powered up again it should stay that way. Of
course a user can override this setting with the READY switch.